Topics Covered During the Workshop

Legal Issues of Divorce

  • Understanding the Divorce Process
  • Protecting Yourself legally
  • Mediated and Collaborative Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child and Spousal Support

Gaining Financial Control of Your Divorce

  • Tax Return Items Related to Divorce
  • Property and Debt Division
  • QDRO and Retirement Accounts

Handling the Marital Home

  • Should You Keep or Sell Your Home
  • User/Ownership Rule
  • Appraising Your Home Value
  • The 8 Steps to Marketing Your Home For Sale
  • Coping with Seller Stress
  • From Offer to Closing
  • Documentation Needed for Listing Consultation

Qualifying For Mortgage After Divorce

  • Timing of Filing Divorce Petition
  • Maintaining Credit During Divorce
  • Qualified Income and the 6/36 Rule
  • Equity Buy Out
  • 90-Day Cash Rule
  • Documentation Needed When Applying for a Mortgage

Family Counseling

  • Dealing With a Hostile Spouse
  • Helping Your Family Cope with Stress
  • Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem 

Maintaining Financial Control After Divorce

  • Developing a Financial Plan
  • Building Your Credit
  • Asset Protection and Insurance
  • College Savings
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning